What I Gave


“What I Gave” is an emotional first-person story about the incredible life of Retired Navy Seal, Al Kovach. Al was in the middle of a very accomplished career as a Navy Seal when an unfortunate parachuting accident tragically paralyzed him for life.

Al suffered greatly, but he didn’t stay down for long. With the help of Paralyzed Veterans of America, Al went on to accomplish even greater things in sports, and as a nationally recognized voice for paralyzed veterans through his work with PVA. Al’s story showcases that with the help of PVA, our nation’s disabled heroes can still have independent, successful and very impactful lives with the care, benefits, support and accessibility that PVA helps them receive. This DRTV spot urges the viewer to partner with this organization through monthly donations so this critical support for our nation’s heroes can continue!