Keys to Finding and Growing Your Audience

The world is getting noisier by the day.

Every morning it feels like there are new outlets, channels, networks, and more trying to grab for your audience’s attention. So how do you get heard amidst the growing background noise of life?


How do you go about finding and growing your audience?


You focus on the connection more than the sale.


It’s expensive and costly to continually try to reach new customers and grow your audience, so the key is to focus on building even stronger relationships with the ones you have.

Find ways to strengthen the relationship by including them into your daily routine. What you do might not seem exciting to you, but to your raving fans it just might be.

Look for ways to surprise and delight them. Be remarkable. Give them exclusive content that they can share first so they feel important and pretty soon you’ll find that you’re becoming even more important to them.


You might be thinking. What does this have to do with finding my audience?


You see, your audience is right under your nose, and the way to grow it isn’t by making more noise. It’s about finding better ways to build the relationships with the audience you already have, no matter how small.

When you do, you just might discover that you don’t have to find your audience because your audience found you.