Our Team

Everything you ever wanted to know and then some.

Executive Team

Joe Jestus

President &

Senior Lab Advisor

With 25+ years of production and fundraising experience, (Why yes, I did start when I was 5, thanks for asking.) Joe is known around these parts as Business MacGyver. Just give him a paperclip, the latest project management software, and his trusty Swiss Army Knife, and he’ll find a way to make it happen. (Okay, so I don’t actually carry a knife. But I do like project management software.)

In addition to figuring out how to serve our amazing team and clients, spicing up everyone’s bios on this page, and writing children’s books, Joe loves making memories with his family, visiting the North Shore of MN, and seeking adventures, wherever they may be.


Christina Glover Burnette

Assoc. Vice President

After injuring both knees playing basketball and only growing to the height of 5 foot 2… and a half (Are we sure its not 5/8?), Christina pivoted from wanting to play in the WNBA to working for some of the largest sports entertainment companies in the country. (Pivoted… haha, I get it, a basketball joke. [Serious Face] Don’t take my job Christina. I’m watching you.) After being a part of major productions such as the Super Bowl, Olympics, X Games, and WNBA draft, she has decided to play ball with TCM (See what I did there. [A More Serious Face] Yes. Yes, I see what you did. You also used my parentheses. What is with these new people and using my parentheses?) Christina has the skills to jump in at any stage of video production from ideation to execution and marketing. (Slow clap for the final sports reference folks.)

When Christina’s not wearing the TCM jersey and leading us on the court (That means when she’s not working. [Rethinking my hiring process] I take back my slow clap, this is getting out of hand.), she’s writing screenplays, directing music videos, rewatching Jason Williams highlights, painting, boxing, or doing her favorite thing in the world, spending time with her husband Josh and their two boys, Jagger and Jaxon. (Well at least she didn’t mention her “not my favorite” favorite NFL team. That makes up for a lot.)

Jeff Anderson

Vice President of Creative Strategy and Development

Jeff has 30 years of experience (He started in kindergarten apparently.) telling stories that connect donors to organizations in a way that prompts action. He’s successfully positioned brands in both profit and nonprofit, but his passion is serving clients with life-saving causes, such as food missions, groups that help children, veteran service organizations and global groups making a difference for those in need, just to name a few. (I mean few, a lot, you decide.) You’ll sense this passion in everything Jeff does.

Jeff always says, “life is about relationships. Investing in those creates true wealth.” (He also always says, “Joe is the best boss he’s ever had,” So grain of salt sorta stuff.) But that’s why when he’s not at work, Jeff loves making epic memories with his friends and family. Like driving through a carwash with the windows down and a car filled with teens – who were NOT prepared. (Note to self: Don’t visit a car wash with Jeff.)

Carol Cummings

Financial Caretaker

With over 12 years of accounting experience, Carol does the job all of the creative people at TCM Creative are afraid to do. (No funny quips here; we don’t want to have to do this work.)

When she’s not taking care of the finances, you can find her sewing, quilting, or chasing her two boys and husband across the countryside of Oklahoma. (Yee haw!)



Creative Team

Erick Worrell

Executive Creative Director

Erick has amassed nearly 200 Telly, Addy, and AMA awards since 2020, including Best of Show and People’s Choice achievements, and the AAF MOSAIC award for introducing, advocating, and supporting DEI initiatives in the agency workplace. He was named one of 2023’s Most Influential People (405 Business), a 2019 Achiever Under 40 (The Journal Record), and the 2016 Young Advertising Professional of the Year (AAF). He is owner of Co-Founder of Coin Creative in Oklahoma City, and has served previously in senior creative leadership roles at Oklahoma City Community College, ghost Design, Saxum PR, and Staplegun Design.

Erick is a graduate of Leadership Oklahoma City Class 39, Leadership Oklahoma Class 32, LOYAL Class 12, and is an alumni of Oklahoma City University, where he met his wife, Kimberley, in 2005. He was a long-time board member of American Marketing Association and American Advertising Federation. He serves as an advisory board member to Oklahoma City University, The University of Oklahoma, Canadian Valley Technology Center, and Metro Technology Centers.

Presumably because people think he’s super judgmental, Erick is often asked to serve as a judge for AMA awards circuits, including in New York, Texas, Nebraska, and Florida.

Erick is often asked to write about himself in the third person. It makes him uncomfortable.

Luke Southern

Creative Director

Born an Okie not from Muskogee (Henryetta…actually), Luke craves nostalgia. Whether it’s his action figure and vintage toy collection, Saturday morning cartoons, 80s movies (especially Ghostbusters), he enjoys an exciting story and relatable character. (He’s also a relatable character.)

For 15 years, Luke has mastered visual design systems, branding and advertising, as well as illustration, photography and copywriting. Though nearly 100 ADDY Awards are starting to weigh him down, he finds solace knowing he’s helped clients grow their businesses and raise funds for their causes. The awards are getting pretty heavy. (We use them for our foosball table players… okay, not really.)

Above and beyond all that, Luke loves to share what he’s learned and discover ways to learn from other people. Everyone has a story if you’re willing to listen. Also…Kauai, Hawaii. (Sounds like a story to be told there.)

Jordan Martin

Creative Director

Born and raised in Kansas City. (Missouri, not Kansas). Jordan worked in television and video production for 4 years as a cinematographer and editor before completely switching gears and joining the military. (Production/Military… the gears still fit.)

He was stationed at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City. While there he deployed twice and traveled the globe as a jet mechanic for the U.S. Air Force. (Hey, my car has this funny sound, can you look at it?) He served 4 years of active duty before transitioning into a new military career field as a Photo/Video Journalist with Oklahoma Air National Guard. While working part-time in the Guard, he went to film school at the University of Oklahoma, deployed a third time, and became the 2021 Department of Defense Storyteller of the Year before separating completely in 2022 after over 9 years of distinguished service. (Thanks Jordan… seriously.)

While serving in the OKANG, he freelanced on film and TV sets as a director, cinematographer, grip, gaffer, and everything in between. He directs and shoots his own films (documentary & narrative) and is ASC Award nominated. (American Society of Cinematographers)

Jordan doesn’t consider himself an Oklahoman quite yet, but after living there for almost 10 years, who’s kidding themselves at this point? (You are, and me.) He loves everything and anything movies or filmmaking related. He also loves comic books and KC Sports (Go Chiefs/Royals!). He was born on a vacation to Missouri, but his parents strangely never left the state afterward, (It’s the Hotel California of the Midwest) so his entire family lives on Long Island in New York and they think he rides horses and plays the banjo. (He doesn’t?) He adores the New York Rangers and if this whole Creative Directing thing doesn’t work out, he’s willing to throw on some pads and be a walk-on for the team.

Carlos Garcia


Like his picture shows, that’s exactly who you get when you meet Carlos. (I have also met the person in the picture.) A self-proclaimed genius with attitude to match. Carlos loves film! And we do mean LOVE. There’s almost nothing about movies that Carlos doesn’t know. (Classics are his kryptonite though, so keep them away… This ad lib was not penned by me, since it referenced the lesser superhero, whose name will go unspoken, and not Batman.)

With almost ten years of experience directing music videos, short films, and commercials, he’s a filmmaker at heart, and Carlos puts his money where his mouth is. Put him in any situation, and he’ll figure out a way to make it look cinematic! (Challenge accepted.)

When he’s not working his ideas for TCM, he spends his time writing feature films and watching his dreadful Dallas Cowboys continue to lose. (As a Vikings fan I appreciate this insightfulness.) “How ‘bout them Cowboys!?

Ryan Buckner

CTV Creative Director

Ryan has spent the last 15 years working in Southern California and Colorado in media production as a producer and creative manager. (I’m guessing he wasn’t working the whole 15 years, but you get the idea.)

After graduating in 2007 from California State University, Fullerton, “Go Titans!” with a degree in Radio, TV, and Film, Ryan jumped headfirst into the industry. (Sounds painful, Dad joke.) After gripping, camera assisting, associate producing, and “kind of” editing, Ryan became a Senior Producer for an Ad agency in Los Angeles. Fast forward 12 years (skip to the good part), adding a beautiful wife or as he says, “his much better half” and 4 young humans (really good part), and a lot of gray hair (neither good nor bad part), Ryan found and met the wonderful team at TCM (good part).

As Steve Jobs says, “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” Ryan believes he found that “team of people” and is excited to continue to produce relevant, engaging, and creative media at TCM. (We agree!)

Jesse Irwin

Long Form/Digital Creative Director

Born and raised in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (So jealous.), Jesse is a lifelong lover of storytelling, interviewing, blue sneakers (Not as cool as red but I’ll allow it.), and television. Over the last decade, he’s traversed both digital and broadcast spaces as a personality, producer, writer, editor, designer, and strategist. As one of his fans puts it, “Jesse is far and away my favorite son! No other boys in this family. Not even one!” (This sounds sketchy.)

In addition, Jesse spends his time playing his melodica, emceeing live events, ordering books he’ll never read on Amazon, watching late night with his Grandma, and trying out your favorite hobby with you. (Let’s go noodling!) He remains slightly uncomfortable typing in the third person. (Is this contagious?)

Kandyce Moore

Associate Creative Director

With a background in sound engineering and marketing and a degree in Public Relations, Kandyce brings a fine-tuned ear and charisma (It’s like Dr. Doofenshmirtz, of Phineas and Ferb fame, created a SoundMarketingPublicRelationsCharisma’enator, and she was zapped by it.) to her work at TCM. She puts her communication skills into action every day to make our creative projects better and keep us on task! (Which is no easy task… somedays.)

When she’s not multi-tasking like a pro, she loves spending time with her daughter, Lilly, quality time in the pool with friends and family, and going on new adventures! (Does anyone go on old adventures anymore?)

Kristen Prescott

Associate Creative Director

Kristen has more than a decade of project management experience and a history of writing and editing content for print, digital ads, and social platforms. (We’re guessing she started when she was six or seven.) She’s thrilled to be a part of the TCM team and help shape stories that make a big impact. (We’re talking like the first time you saw Jurassic Park on the big screen impact here.)

In her spare time, she loves discussing the latest bestseller or Netflix series with friends in their book and movie club. You’ll also find her discovering new bike trails in Tulsa and supporting local Tulsa teams, the Oilers and Drillers, (Tell me you live in a city built on oil and gas without telling me you live in a city built on oil and gas.) with her husband and 2 kids.

Keith Daniels

Associate Creative Director

Keith is a true Tulsa native, born and raised, but this is only because his mother threw away his Hogwarts acceptance letter. (I thought they would keep bringing more. Maybe that’s only Harry.) Nevertheless, Keith has a highly artistic background with a heavy emphasis on theatre and filmmaking. With a B.A. from the University of Tulsa in theater and film, Keith is a professionally trained actor turned director, due to his passion for telling authentic and impactful stories. (And due to the fact that directing is way cooler.) He’s an award-winning filmmaker and documentarian and is excited to be a part of the tcm team as he looks forward to learning and growing as a creator.

New to fatherhood, Keith has recently celebrated the birth of his daughter. (We can confirm, she’s adorable!) He enjoys spending his “free time” with family, writing, doing street photography and of course writing. (Don’t forget writing.) Keith is also a huge cinema and anime fan. Deep down he is a Slytherin with a big heart.

Lindsay Jones

Special Projects Coordinator/Copywriter

By the second semester of college (Boomer Sooner!), Lindsay switched her major from education to journalism and fully leaned into her passion to tell other people’s stories. (Does that make her a tattletale?)

Whether it’s a gritty newspaper lead story, a glossy magazine article or a TV breaking news voiceover, Lindsay has written every kind of script you can imagine. However, most of her career (15+ years) has been spent in a newsroom. (Which is like 400 human years.) She has devoured boxes of election night pizza; spent hours in the booth during severe weather; and produced extensive coverage on everything from trials to tornadoes. The common denominator? Keeping people informed and sharing other people’s stories of survival, heartache, healing, and hope.

With an Emmy on the shelf and a Murrow tucked away, (Name Dropper!) Lindsay packed up her desk in the newsroom to chase a different kind of thrill: motherhood!

These days, Lindsay loves writing and producing for the clients at tcm. She still gets to tell amazing stories of hope. And, she gets to focus on her own story a bit these days, too. (Woo hoo!) In her free time, you can find her cooking, reading, spending time outdoors with her husband and daughter, on the floor surrounded by play-doh and toys, or writing. (Surprise, surprise!)



Neuro-Fundraising® Lab Team

Steve Agauas, Ph.D.

Director of the Neuro-Fundraising Lab

After earning his doctorate from Central Michigan University, Steve spent two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow at North Dakota State University (It was cold.) where he was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. Steve specializes in Cognitive Psychology and spent much of his training using eye tracking technology to explore how people understand text in addition to the ways in which action affordances may influence reading and visual processes. (He’s smart.) Having spent a decade designing, performing, and analyzing research studies in academic settings, Steve was ready for a new challenge. (Honestly, he just wanted to hang out with us.)

Although research keeps him quite busy, when he’s not in the lab, Steve enjoys spending time with his wife, Heidi, and their dog, Sophie. He also enjoys the outdoors, especially if it involves a round of golf. (Only good golfers say that.

Jill King, Ph.D.

Managing Scientist,

Neuro-Fundraising Lab

Jill is a cognitive neuroscientist who recently earned her doctorate from Tulane University in New Orleans. Specializing in visual attention processing within multimedia environments, she is excited to apply her research skillset to the unique questions presented by neuro-fundraising. Born and raised in southern Louisiana, only the chance to use science to create positive change and the incredibly friendly company atmosphere could have convinced her to move to Oklahoma.

When she is not in the lab, Jill can be found reading in her personal library, out having an adventure (like jumping off waterfalls in Australia, out-swimming sharks in Florida, or piloting a tour bout down Loch Ness in Scotland), or maybe just binging some Netflix at home with her cat.

Brian Kissell, Ph.D.


Neuro-Fundraising Lab

Brian Kissell, Ph.D. is an experimental social psychologist, and data scientist, who is skilled in quantitative research. (He makes us sound smart. Also, I’m skilled in reading bedtime stories, so take that Brian.) In other words, Brian is passionate about utilizing best scientific practices, along with robust experimental and data science techniques, to help clients find accurate answers to meaningful questions. (He’ll make you sound smart too.)

When he is not working in the lab, Brian enjoys spending time with his family (aka his wife and two children. He wrote that and I half expected him to say, “aka three familial units.”). He loves to cook, watch movies and television, and visit differing parks with his children. (I’m trying to picture him at an amusement park. Bucket list!)


Benjamin Smith

Research Technician, Neuro-Fundraising Lab

Ben is a research technician and a recovering professor of English who has taught in a variety of environments ranging from 9th grade literature to graduate students. (Welcome Ben.) In the past, he’s given talks on a variety of topics, including adapting graphic novels to the screen, horror films and philosophy, wartime rhetoric, grading practices, and teaching strategies to audiences at local and national conferences. (I’ve heard him talk about some of this in the present too.)

He’s published chapters on topics ranging from comics book adaptation theory, technology in the classroom, the changing nature of rubrics, and The Walking Dead. (All pretty much the same thing it sounds like.) He’s also written three books that nearly seven people read in full (and almost none of the readers were related to him – Huzzah!). He’s published poetry that more people probably read, but no one really admits to reading poetry. (I do!)

If you ask him, he’s “a guitar player who happens to be a researcher.” But when he’s not behind a guitar or writing another new project, Ben’s usually in his garage lifting weights or painting. (“Acrylics only. Oil’s a sucker’s bet.” – Ben, not me.)

Talia Abbott

Research Technician, Neuro-Fundraising Lab

Talia was born and raised in Tulsa. (She also happens to have the same name as Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter in Batman. So cool.) She is a recent graduate with a B.S. in Psychology from The University of Tulsa, while in college she spent a few years interning at a local brain research facility. (I wear tinfoil around her.) Now she spends her time collecting data at the lab for the PhD’s to analyze.

When not at work she enjoys spending quality time with her dog, whether that is outdoors or curled up under a blanket binging a new tv series. (Got any recommendations?) She also enjoys traveling, re-reading Harry Potter, and spending time with her loved ones.


Lab Coordinator, Neuro-Fundraising Lab

Bio to come…

Mia Chong

Research Intern, Neuro-Fundraising Lab

Bio to come…



Operations Team

Robert Steele

Operations Manager / IT

Robert graduated from the University of Bedfordshire with BA Honors in Video Production and Photography. He now has over 20 years of experience in Broadcast TV Operations and Engineering. (I mean, Broadcast TV Operations and Engineering is like dog years so it’s probably more like a hundred.)

Hailing from England (So his accent makes him sound 30% smarter than me.) he has a lovely wife and daughter, three dogs, and one cat who thinks she’s a dog.

He enjoys watching Football – aka Soccer, (Football, hahahahahahha… The English are so funny.) playing golf, fishing, and traveling.

Rachelle Edgar

Operations Coordinator

Rachelle grew up in Iowa (Is it Heaven? Yes <- Uh… Just south of Heaven Rachelle, Heaven is MN!) on a large acreage with horses, chickens, dogs, and cats.

She moved to Tulsa in 2007 after transferring to ORU to finish her B.A. in International & Community Development—with every intention of leaving after finishing. (Tulsa is the Hotel California of the Midwest.) She’s spent most of her professional career working with non-profits, both foreign and abroad in various capacities, and she’s most passionate about micro-finance, anti-trafficking, and child sponsorship advocacy. (And work, don’t forget work!)

In her spare time she enjoys baking, gardening, brewing kombucha (Yum!), drinking quality coffee (snob <- her word not mine), hiking, participating in cycling events, camping, and kayaking. If she’s not doing any of the previous, she’s most likely spending time with her family, working on her food/travel website, petting her cat Lois, or intricately planning another trip. (Road trip!!!!)





Derek Lane

Lead Project Manager

With almost a decade in production (that’s like 100 production years) and a passport filled with world travel facilitating live event production, Derek has found a new home at TCM where his skillset makes him a “Swiss Army Knife of Production” (I feel like someone else mentioned this in their bio.).

When he’s not stealing phrases from other team member’s bios, you’ll find him enjoying music, coffee, bourbon, golf, and the wit and wisdom of Chris Farley.



Bayleigh Bowman

Project Manager

Bayleigh is from Claremore, OK and grew up in her mom’s veterinarian practice & on the family’s ranch where they run a cow/calf operation. (I’m guessing this is nothing like the board game operation.) She has been a competitor in the sport of rodeo from a young age and fell in love with pageants & became Miss Rodeo Arkansas 2018. (I’m Mr. Nothing 2022)

She graduated from Rogers State University with a Bachelor of the Arts in Corporate Communications and a minor in Biology. (I feel like she could win the board game operation then.)

Her and her husband now live in Pawhuska, OK. (Pioneer Woman!!!) In her spare time, you can find her at any rodeo supporting her husband who is a Professional Bull Rider (I rode a mechanical bull once) or her brother who is a Professional Steer Wrestler (I have never wrestled a mechanical steer). She loves spending time with her family & friends, anything outdoors, livestock & dogs. She is also the President of the Miss Rodeo Arkansas Scholarship Organization and loves helping each Miss Rodeo Arkansas after her reach their goals, celebrate their successes, & gain new opportunities! (aka She’s a team player!)

Tiffany Brown-Rideaux

Project Manager

Tiffany Brown-Rideaux is the epitome of the famous quote – “She believed she could, so she did.” (And she keeps on did’ing – yep, I made up a new word.) Highly regarded as a media professional, she has firmly established herself as a television producer, professional makeup artist, and media business executive.

Tiffany started in Media at PBS’ third-largest member station, Georgia Public Broadcasting in Atlanta, GA. From Executive Assistant to Director of Board Development and Community Engagement, Tiffany has done it all, including being a four-time Emmy Award-winning Makeup Artist. (For those keeping track at home, that’s four-times more than me.)

Tiffany is a member of The National Academy of Television Arts and Science, an active member National Association of Black Journalists, and Women in Film & Television Atlanta. (Plus, she’s just super cool.) She now resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with her son, and fearless Chihuahua, Cinnamon. (Just to clarify, she has a son AND a Chihuahua in case that wasn’t clear.) She enjoys art, biking, reading, dancing, long walks, and attending sporting events. (And thankfully not a Cowboys fan, I mean maybe she is, but I’m just hoping she’s not.)


Tiera May

Project Manager

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Tiera spent the last decade between Texas and Indiana. (Like in Missouri? J/K) Her background includes marketing, fundraising and program development for non-profits, and most recently she was a Project Manager for the pharmaceutical manufacturing company responsible for distributing two of the three COVID vaccines. (aka – She knows logistics. My guess is if you had a Logistics night instead of a Trivia night, she’d win.)

Her joy in life is simple… (WORK! Right? Okay, maybe not.) It’s people. She loves traveling, watching live sports, hosting parties and events, finding new music, and dominating any game night. (Like the newly created Logistics night. Oh yeah!) But really, anything and anywhere she can be with her people is her favorite place to be. Oh, and she’ll probably document the occasion one way or another. (My money is on copper etchings.)



Jennifer Martin

Project Coordinator

With over a decade of experience in creating advertising materials, Jennifer brings her creative and project management skillset to the team. (Like a switch hitter in baseball or like a… whatever it might be in World of Warcraft. Sorry Jennifer, I’m a sports analogy guy.)

Originally from Tulsa, Jennifer now lives in Broken Arrow with her husband, daughter, stepdaughter, and 2 cats. Hobbies are gaming, especially World of Warcraft (At least I know what this is, that has to count for something right?), DIY crafts, spending time with family, and shopping at Hobby Lobby. Favorite music is Christian rock and 80s music. (If I can name a few Christian 80s rock bands will that win me some points to make up for my lack of gaming knowledge?) My favorite band is Skillet, but I also love Bon Jovi. I raid in World of Warcraft two nights a week; my character is a holy priest. For the Horde! (I so don’t know what this means, but it sounds exciting!)

Erinn Loposer

Project Coordinator

Another Tulsa native (I think they’re plotting to take over.) Erinn has always been interested in working with good humans doing great work. Armed with her degree in Strategic Communication and a minor in Psychology (We’re getting a couch so she can analyze us.) from Texas Christian University, she started out in our lab and has made the jump to the creative side of the house.

When she’s not keeping us on time, you can find her working out (She has over two million meters logged on the rowing machine. Yep, million. That’s only 1,999,998 more meters than me). She also loves traveling and spending time with family and friends


Post-Production Team

Phil Camuso

Post Production Director

From storyline production, to graphics & editing, to final delivery, Phil stands behind a consistent, industry-leading, digital post-production process that supports all of TCM’s important clientele. (Look at all of that fancy corporate speak.)

When he isn’t working furiously to meet design, editing, and other video deadlines, Phil loves spending time outdoors with his wife, two young sons, and 2 dogs, attending sporting events, and good sushi. (I mean, who likes bad sushi?)

Sean Goodsell

Senior VFX/GFX Artist

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Sean is now married with four children. (But nothing like the Bundy’s for those who remember that.) He’s been an Illustrator, Painter, Sculptor and Graphic Artist / Animator for the past twenty-five years. (Note to self, commission Sean to immortalize me in bronze.) He learned hhis graphics trade at Northeastern State while playing football. (I mean hopefully not WHILE playing football.)

The highlights of Sean’s career (Besides working here obviously.) have been creating animations for Paul McCartney, Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, The Voice, The Grammys, and now working for TCM. (See, I told you.) He’s excited to bring everything he knows to TCM and projects that change lives.


Kyle Kleinecke

Senior Editor

Born and raised in Tulsa, OK (It’s official, we’re being invaded.), Kyle graduated from Jenks before getting into production.

Having directed, edited, and written scripts (I think he’s aiming for my MacGyver title.), he’s been in television commercial production since 2006.

In his spare time he loves directing music videos and short films. His films have won numerous awards at various film festivals around the country, and he’s got more in development (I’m going to need to start a film/award support group for him and Tracy.).


Taryn Smith

Editor II & Alt Language Specialist II

Born and raised in T-Town (That’s Tulsa for you outsiders.), Taryn has traveled the world in search of the perfect 음료수 or bebida (That’s Korean and Spanish for beverage – she speaks both languages and currently it’s Diet Dr. Pepper for those keeping track at home.). She studied film and TV in Korea for a year and is now honing her edit skills in the TCM Edit Suite (which can feel like another country sometimes).

When she’s not ignoring the guys so she can get her edits done, she loves playing classical guitar, going for long drives (presumably in search of fresher air than is in the edit suite), and hanging with her cat Kai and dog Sammie.

Seth Piper


Seth is a Tulsa native. (by way of Bartlesville… Hmm, I’m not sure that word means what you think it means.) He attended film school in Los Angeles and then found his way back to Tulsa, (We tried to hide, but oh well.) and has been working in the non-profit video space for 7+ years. (That’s a fun way to describe freelancing.) When he’s not editing or learning software for fun he’s probably hanging out at home with his wife and 4 pets (2 dogs, 2 cats), or working on his new hobby of the month which is currently abstract painting and vegetable gardening. (But what about abstract paintings of vegetable gardens? Also, is there some other kind of garden?)


Joseph Branch


Born and raised in the hills and hollers of Mount Airy, NC. Joseph has lived half his life in NC and half in Oklahoma, so we’re not sure if that makes him a hill billy or a Boomer Sooner. (Either way, it makes him the lead character of a Where the Red Fern Grows style novel.) You decide. He’s worked in a news station in most positions behind the camera, and as a do everything guy in a bass fishing video production company (Yes, we have those here.) – from shooting video, photos, editing spots, and highlights.

In his free time, Joseph takes photos of birds and other wildlife (Think animal paparazzi.), he’s a voracious reader, and he believes coffee is more important than oxygen. (Real coffee he says, not Starbucks.) A black belt in karate, he’s always trying to add new things to his list of hobbies.

Christina Armendariz

GFX Designer/Animator I

An adventurous life and an eye for the artistic has brought Christina to TCM.(Also we’re awesome and people want to work here.) Growing up in a military household, Christina lived in 3 different countries and 4 US states by the time she was 12 years old, eventually settling in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Even though she’s currently rooted in Tulsa, Albuquerque will always be her home. (I know the feeling. Not Albuquerque which is REALLY hard to spell, but Minnesota for me.)

When she’s not drawing or designing for our clients, you can bet she’s enjoying New Mexican food. (The legend is she has green chili running through through her veins.), She loves to paint, draw and sculpt, and she especially loves drawing goofy characters. (Note to self, collab with Christina on my next children’s book.) When she’s not flexing her artistic skills, she loves getting creative in the kitchen or spending time with her son who has been blessed with her weird sense of humor. (Blessed/Cursed… Potato/Po-tah-to… Whatever.) Her long term goal is to illustrate children’s books. (The stars have aligned!)

Justin Stringfellow


Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as a kid, Justin wakeboarded, skateboarded, and was also holding a camera making videos the entire time. (Now that’s what I call talent.) It was on these (not so mean) streets (and lakes) that he found his passion for video production and editing, on top of his love of movies. Eventually Justin graduated from The University of Oklahoma with a degree in Film and Media before launching into his career. (Unlike Matthew McConaughey… if you get it, you get it. Also, now we have to MM references on one page. All right, all right, all right!)

When he’s not working (or at least I hope so) Justin says he watches way too many documentaries, takes care of animals rather than eats them, and loves the outdoors. Traveling to the Pacific Ocean or the mountains and hiking and camping with his girlfriend also tops his list. (He goes on… blah, blah, includes cheering for my least favorite NFL team, blah, blah, just email him if you want to know.)

Karen Rodriguez

Editor I & Alt. Language Specialist II

Karen lived in Mexico for the most of her life but decided to move to the US to go to college and study Media Design at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. (And come work for us of course.) In college she discovered her passion for video production and graphic design.

While learning English as her second language she discovered the importance of visual communication and decided to be part of the world that creates it. She likes learning about different cultures and learning what makes them special. (Psst, I think she’s studying us.)

She loves dogs, especially her own. (What a relief… for her dog that is.) And is in love with music, especially Twenty One Pilots, listening every chance she can get.

Her hobbies are cooking, photography, painting, art, crafts, and anything that involves creativity. (Like work, oh, yeah!)

Jacob Hubbert

Editor/Lead Colorist

Born and raised in Kansas City (Missouri not Kansas – if you know, you know), Jacob carries with him a healthy love of barbecue and the outdoors. (He must wear cargo shorts.) After graduating with a degree in Emergency and Disaster Management, he then decided that video production had far cooler toys to play with. (And also deals with these topics.)

With a diverse skillset in photography, live event production, commercials, post-production and everything in between, he’s always looking to take on new challenges. (Hence coming to work with us, because we can be challenging, at least that’s what our moms say.)

In his free time, Jacob enjoys camping and spending time with his wife and dog. (Does that mean he camps by himself?)

Ben Hosterman


Ben was born into a family of Artists and Musicians. The arts were in his DNA. Fresh out of high school Ben landed a job as a graphic artist for a software company producing children’s entertainment and educational computer games. Children could learn about science and ecology with Ozzie Otter and Friends. He later went on to work for a company that released the 1st straight to home video movies and other classic on VHS, DVD, and eventually Blu-ray. As technology became available, he was responsible for restoration of classic movies like A Christmas Carol with Alaster Sim, The Green Lantern and many more. Ben later moved on to create motion graphics for a local News Station. All the while a graphic artist by day he was performing musician by night, playing local bars, festivals, Fairs, opening for Alice cooper, touring with national acts, landing headlining spots at Bike Blues and Bar-b-q, and Rocklahoma. His love for all things visual is only matched by his passion for all things musical. His music even found its way into a locally produced movie. If you see him playing out, you might not know he is the same person working diligently at his computer by day. You might say he has an alter ego.

Alondra Ortiz

GFX Designer/Animator I

Alondra Ortiz is originally from California, but grew up in Tahlequah, OK. (Which is the California of the Midwest as I’m sure you know.) She’s a recent graduate from Oklahoma State University with a BFA in graphic design. But she says she has already learned so much from being here at TCM and hopes to learn and grow more. (Can I charge her tuition for that?) Her professional goal is to create a connection through designs that mesmerize and inspire people.

Her hobbies include traveling and learning about different cultures, fashion and beauty, hanging out with her family, and a LOT of drawing. (I would add, “not stealing my parentheses like so many others.”)

Octavis Tate

Jr. Editor/Trafficking Coordinator

Octavis has been in media in some capacity for 8 years. Graduating from THEE Jackson State University. (Yes the same college who’s football team was formerly Coached by Deion ‘Prime Time’ Sanders) In 2015, Octavis became a director his Jr year of college. As directing started to take a backseat in his life, Octavis would then rediscover his passion for editing which led him straight to tcm. (Yay, us!)

In his spare he can be seen dropping Buckets at your local Y (Playing Basketball for those whose Life isn’t Ball – Octavis said this not me, but he’s right), as well as drawing, writing poetry, and discovering Oklahoma with his family of 5. (I feel like this is a reality series that needs to be made.) He is also a huge fan of the Houston Rockets and JSU Football team.

Trent Johnson

Jr. Editor/Trafficking Coordinator

Trent grew up in Pittsburg…no “H”.. Kansas after being born in Minnesota (I knew I liked him) and making a pit stop in Iowa. Trent attended school at Pittsburg State University, and they let him stay long enough to get a degree in Comm w/an emphasis in broadcasting.

After school Trent got his professional start in TV in Knoxville Tennessee… Go Vols! (Rocky Top!) He worked in TV for 7 years as a director before taking a different route in life. One that doesn’t involve waking up at 3AM… (I mean I could call you at 3 Trent, just for fun!) This makes his wife very happy, which makes for a happy life.

In his free time, you can find Trent on the golf course, walking the dogs, or exploring the country (the United States… not like…. the country – Yee haw!)

Milissa Schauble

Post Production Coordinator

a.k.a. our Chief Happiness Officer. Missy is the TCM glue gun because her passion is to motivate and to help us all stay connected; whether it’s improving communication, keeping us collaborative, or just finding ways to keep the creative juices flowing here. (And we’re not just talking about coffee.) She’s dedicated to doing things that make TCM, and the world a better place! And while her background is in Operations, she’s an undercover creative in her spare time.

Another Midwest addition, Missy hails from Illinois… She loves a good Chicago Dog and occasionally uses “ope” in a sentence. (Just Google it.)

When she’s not herding our team of cats…Missy enjoys spinning vinyl from her record collection, expanding her house plant repertoire, creative writing, hiking, and relaxing at home with her actual cats Gatsby and MoMo. (Who are way cooler than us.)


Production Team

Ashley Welle

Production Manager

Just a small-town Oklahoma girl, (living in a lonely world) spending much of her childhood around the family farm and ranch. With a BA in photography and 15+ years working in a creative capacity. She joined TCM from Hobby Lobby’s Corporate Art/Creative office, directing photography productions for packaging, advertising, and social media. (Take that Hobby Lobby, we win!)

Raised in an artistic home, with formal training in music (I have informal training, so there!), visual arts, and dance, which includes being a member of a traveling performance group, with time on cruise ships, all culminate to round-out her creative spirit.

Outside of work, the rest of her heart is filled with the time she gets to spend with her adventure buddies, aka husband and their twins. (Like their kids, not her and her husband’s twins. Just to be clear.) They love to travel and spend time outdoors: camping, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, skiing, mountain biking, sailing their PY 26, if it’s outside and ends in -ing, they do it! (How about mowing my lawn? ) They just try to find a little magic everywhere they go, especially Disney. Food is her “jam”! Living up to the Welle name, they can put back some authentic German food! Her life goal is to work hard, play harder and be the best soccer mom she can be, excluding the minivan. (Don’t knock minivans, they rock!)

Vanessa Mieses

Senior Producer & Hispanic Advisor

Vanessa’s favorite types of stories to tell are ones that are not safe. With that comes a career of producing documentaries, marketing pieces, and short films that challenge others and herself to live her life a little more boldly. (She’s way nicer than this makes her sound.)

Having fun along the way is important to her (See, we said she was nice.), but then again, it doesn’t take much to keep her happy: people, good food, and new places to explore.



Chase Fiebig

Senior Producer

Upper Midwesterner with production always on his mind. (We’re unsure if this is his bio or left over from a classified ad in the paper, so we left it.) Wisconsin born & raised, (On the cheese wheel is where he spent most of his days… couldn’t resist.) he ventured over to the land of 10,000 Lakes for his college days (Go Golden Gophers!) then stayed in Minneapolis and entered the Live TV sports world for the better part of a decade. After that, a brief stint doing commercial work back in Wisconsin, (You’d never guess by his accent.) before finally heading south to join the TCM team.

For fun? Watching sports (mostly the Packers, of course… We forgive you Chase.), exploring new music, playing poker, and cruising around on his Schwinn (affectionately known as the “Green Onion”). For comfort, watching re-runs of The Office. And finally, never taking anything too seriously. Unless it’s work, in case his boss reads this. (I’ll allow it.)


Alyssa Steen


Born and raised in the Kansas City area (But which Kansas City area… Intrigue!). Alyssa went to school for film editing and ended up at a news station. (Plot twist!)

After moving to Tulsa for a job as a news producer, she ended up finding real joy living in Oklahoma (I think this is a reference to her husband and fellow TCMer Jacob, but it could be her dog too… tough call!). She joined TCM as a Producer and Video Editor after 6 ½ years in the news industry.

In her free time, she enjoys walks with her husband and dog (Still a mystery), watching tv shows and movies and playing video games with her husband. (Mystery solved?) She also enjoys being outside and going camping with her husband and dog (Mystery not solved!) to get away from the stress of everyday life. (What stress… you work at TCM… c’mon Alyssa!?!)


Bilingual Producer

Bio to come…


Bilingual Producer

Bio to come…



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In Memory of Ash Ball

Honorary Creative

Ash will forever be an honorary member of TCM and his creativity and spirit will live on in all we do. We will always honor his legacy by keeping TCM a place where people can look forward to going to work and be surrounded by a team that supports and cares for them… just as he always did for us. We miss you mate!