Tell Stories to Make a Difference

Do this, get that. Use this, be that.

There is definitely a place for features and benefits when talking with your target market. But all too often everyone misses the value of what we are truly offering them when this is our only focus.

This is where stories come in.

Stories have the power to take us out of the noisy world we live in and transport us to a place that we can then feel a part of and develop an emotional attachment to. Stories share the values behind the features and benefits, they go beyond simply advertising and begin to develop relationships.

That’s why we chose to tell a story when it came to helping Shriners Hospitals for Children build awareness for the incredible work they do for children like Sadie.

Her story of hope and love is nothing short of amazing, and we wanted people to experience it in their latest DRTV campaign.

When you immerse people into a story, you’re no longer fighting for their attention, you’re speaking to their heart, and that’s where true value is shared.

Watch Sadie’s Story here: Sadie’s Story and be sure to support the incredible work of Shriners Hospitals for Children if you can.