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Tracy TrostTracy Trost

President/Lead Visionary/

Executive Producer

With more than 30+ years in film and video production, Tracy is an award-winning director and brings his expertise in production and marketing to the team on a daily basis. (Translation: He’s the oldest guy here. I mean, the boss.)

In addition to pouring his heart into every project, he enjoys spending time with his kids, being in the outdoors and ruining a good walk with a game of golf. (I may or may not have witnessed this.)

Mykela Krieg

Vice President

Mykela brings years of management experience to the TCM Family and keeps things running smoothly with our clients and sister companies each and every day. (She’s our GPS, the good Google Maps one, not the terrible Apple Maps one.)

When she’s not busy keeping track of the TCM team, she enjoys cooking, road trips in her Jeep (she doesn’t just enjoy her Jeep, she loves it), and really travel and adventure of any type, including visiting her family in her home state of Pennsylvania.

Joe JestusJoe Jestus

V.P. Strategic Development &

Senior Lab Advisor

Joe (I’m the one in the middle) is known around these parts as the MacGyver of business. Just give him a paperclip, a map, and his trusty Swiss Army Knife and he’ll find a way to make it happen. (Okay, so I don’t actually carry a knife.)

In addition to figuring out how to bring the team’s creative visions to life, spicing up everyone’s bios on this page, and writing children’s books, Joe loves making memories with his family, visiting the North Shore of MN, and seeking adventures, wherever they may be.


Ruthie Stanfill

Operations Coordinator

For the past ten years, Ruthie has used her unmatched coordinating skills in the film & television industry, as well as the non-profit and tech industries (I got tired just reading that). She often relates coordinating to traffic control and loves being in the middle of all the action.

So if you don’t find her making lists (and checking them twice), you can find her alongside her husband, chasing after their toddler, or up to her elbows in a creative project.

Vanessa MiesesVanessa Mieses

Producer & Hispanic Advisor

Vanessa’s favorite types of stories to tell are ones that are not safe. With that comes a career of producing documentaries, marketing pieces, and short films that challenge others and herself to live her life a little more boldly. (She’s way nicer than this makes her sound.)

Having fun along the way is important to her (see, we said she was nice), but then again, it doesn’t take much to keep her happy: people, good food, and new places to explore.

Phil Camuso of TCM CreativePhil Camuso

Post Production Supervisor

From storyline production, to graphics & editing, to final delivery, Phil stands behind a consistent, industry-leading, digital post-production process that supports all of TCM’s important clientele. (Look at all of that fancy corporate speak.)

When he isn’t working furiously to meet design, editing, and other video deadlines, Phil loves spending time outdoors with his wife, young son, and 2 dogs, attending sporting events, and good sushi. (I mean, who likes bad sushi?)


Dan MatlachDaniel Matlach

Senior Editor

Dan brings his high-octane personality, ability to handle various aspects of the production process, and an unyielding sense of humor to our team. (Trust me, it’s unyielding… and funny.)

When he’s not wading in the creative workflow (…what did he step in now?), he loves creating memories with his wife and three young sons.

Luke Cypert

Junior Editor/Colorist

Born and raised atop the red dirt of Oklahoma, legend has it that’s how Luke came by his naturally red-tinged hair. But beyond his Midwestern charm, he has dedicated his life to the art of storytelling and production. He brings with him an arsenal of skills built upon a bedrock of can-do-ness. (Yes, we just made up a word. He’s that special.)

When he’s not flexing his production muscles, you can find him basking in the joys of life with his two young daughters. Besides his fascination with feature films, his heart yearns for life abroad and he spends his weekends torn between the great outdoors and building computers. Beep, boop, boop, bop, beep. (That’s robot for, “We think he’s cool.”)

Dave CampbellDave Campbell

Production/Asset Manager

Dave brings years of on-set experience for tv commercials, live theater production, and film to TCM. (He also brings years of dad jokes too.)

When he’s not keeping the team in check on-set, he loves spending time with his wife and two talented kids. (Like, super talented.)


Jon HoudeJon Houde

Equipment Manager &

Camera Operator

A certified tech geek by day, and hockey player by night, Jon is our resident Canadian and brings the TCM nice factor up at least 63.4%.

When he’s not telling us the technical specs of the latest camera, he can be found on the ice, dodging hockey pucks, or spending time with his lovely wife. (She brings our nice factor up another 22.7%.)

Carol CummingsCarol Cummings

Financial Caretaker

With over 12 years of accounting experience, Carol does the job all of the creative people at TCM Creative are afraid to do. (No funny quips here; we don’t want to have to do this work.)

When she’s not taking care of the finances, you can find her sewing, quilting, or chasing her two boys and husband across the countryside of Oklahoma. (Yee haw!)

Jordan Cox

Research Assistant, Neuro-Lab

Jordan is a graduate of Oklahoma State University where she received her degree in physiology. She has been involved in neurobiology research (dissecting rat brains and such, so cool) and won distinctions for her research presentations. Her passion is neuroscience, particularly how an individual’s experiences shape who they are and how these experiences create his or her identity. And yet, all of this is only made possible by the flow of ions and the disequilibrium across cell membranes (and maybe a few more things).

Her personal and professional goals have consistent philosophies, to gain experience, perception, and knowledge. When these are the objectives, failure is not possible (that sounds really cool to say in a robot voice).

Jordan is a Tulsa native and enjoys exploring her growing city with her three pups and boyfriend, Seamus, Bella, Misha, and Kellen (he’s the boyfriend). She loves all things science-y, from the makings of the universe to how the aggregates of molecular interactions create an individual (we only had to look up like eight words while reading her bio).




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