Our Mission

Why we wake up in the morning. Besides coffee.

What Were We Thinking?

Why would anyone start a marketing company based on content development in Tulsa, OK and what does TCM Creative mean? Great question. Most of us are transplants to the Tulsa, OK area. Actually, I think currently, all of us are. We love it. Especially in the winter for those of us from Up North, brrr!

TCM Creative originally started as Targeted Content Marketing, but we got tired of spelling it out for people when we gave them our email addresses. T-A-R-G… Ugh, we need a new name. It’s what we still do though, we create targeted content to market amazing organizations, and we love that too. But TCM Creative is way easier to spell, remember, and it just sounds cooler we think.

Our Values

We believe a person/company’s actions are always determined by what they value. So rather than create some pie in the sky mission statement that might get hung up in the conference room, we’d rather tell you about what we value.

People are Important

We all know the golden rule, and not the one about whoever has the gold makes the rules. The good one, about treating others the way you want to be treated. Well we believe people are important and because of that, we want to make sure the people we work with always receive:

  • Our time and energy.
  • Our best effort.
  • Our respect.

In order to accomplish that we know we can’t work with everyone or we’ll end up a mile wide and an inch deep. So in order to make sure we’re staying true to our values, we limit the amount of clients we take on. Its not because we don’t want to work with more people, we do!

There are so many great ideas, people and projects out there that we would love to be a part of. But we have to stick to our values, otherwise we wouldn’t just be short changing our current clients, we’d be short changing you too.

So because of this, we only take on new clients by referral only and even then its very rare.

Work Should Be Enjoyed

As adults we’ll spend the vast majority of our waking hours performing one of the following tasks:

  • Getting ready for work.
  • Going to work.
  • Working.
  • Getting ready to leave work.
  • Leaving work.
  • Thinking about work.

So it goes without saying, if you’re going to spend most of your time doing something and you only live once, you should probably enjoy that thing that you’re doing so much. We couldn’t agree more.

In fact, we feel happy team members are more productive and creative team members. When people love what they are doing, they do a better job at it. So we aim to make sure all of our team members are enjoying what they do.

We encourage people to enjoy their families and hobbies, as well as find somewhere to serve in their local community. When they do this, we find that their work excels instead of suffers. Time spent isn’t an indicator of a job well done, a job well done is the only true indicator.

So because of this, we probably won’t return calls on holidays or check email. We’re more than happy to do our best, when work is what we should be doing, but if we’re supposed to be with family, then we’ll be doing our best for them. After all, if we’re short changing our family of their time, we’re probably short changing you of your time as well and nobody wants that.

Take it Personally

We like to own it. Your project is our project and we treat it as if it was our own pride and joy. Good enough is the breakfast of the average and we’re looking for something a little more filling.

Too many people are just looking for jobs, punching a clock and surviving until the weekend. Not us. We work with people we like and do things we love for a living so we can pour our hearts and soul into it.

That means you’ll get our best the first time and every time. No ifs, ands or buts.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it. People, Happy Work and Personal Involvement are the things we value and those values shape who we are and what we do. Thanks for taking the time to hear our thoughts and feel free to look around some more, we’re glad you came.